Yamaha NS-C310BL 2-Way Bass-Reflex Overview

Yamaha NS-C310BL Black Center Channel SpeakerThe Yamaha NS-C310BL 2-Way Bass-Reflex Center Speaker is a perfect fit in a High Definition world. The unique quad woofer and single soft dome tweeter really belts out the sound. The slim design cabinet and aluminum front panel helps to produce the best sound possible. All of the materials used in building each speaker make it possible for the NS-C310 to reproduce the clarity and depth necessary for the High Def sound found in today’s digital broadcasts and Blu-ray movies.

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The challenge for today’s home audio system makers is to be able to reproduce the high quality sound found in today’s digital broadcasts and HD recordings. This means developing better materials and processes in the design phase of manufacturing. Yamaha seems to have found the right stuff when it comes to the NS-C310BL center channel speaker.

By using four smaller size woofers instead of two larger ones, Yamaha was able to create a much slimmer cabinet. This makes it much easier to place center channel speaker above or just below your flat screen television. Along with the cabinet design you will find another secret feature that helps to produce the amazing sound; high tech aluminum front panel.

The real magic to the awesome sound reproduction comes from the precision materials that go into the four 2-1/2 inch woofers and one single 1-1/8 inch tweeter. The designers started with lightweight aluminum cones in the woofers that help to generate the clear high resolution bass sounds and Neodymium magnets and soft dome on the tweeter create the unbelievable highs.

One of the things that could be a downer to the Yamaha NS-C310 speaker is that they chose not to include magnetic shielding. Therefore you will need to take extra precautions to avoid the harmful effects to your television.

Best Price Yamaha NS-C310 BL Buying Options

Yamaha NS-C310BL Key Features:

  • Quad 2-1/2 inch woofers
  • One 1-1/8 inch domed tweeter
  • Slim-line cabinet and aluminum front panel
  • Optimized for today’s HD media 


  • Ultra-slim cabinet design
  • Lighter than expected
  • Awesome sound reproduction


  • No magnetic shielding protection
  • Lacking the real driving bass


What are people saying about this NS-C310 Yamaha Center Channel Speaker?

With explosion of Blu-ray and HD audio all the rage several of the reviewers stated they specifically picked up one these beauties for their home audio system.

The ultra slim design of the quad 2-1/2 inch woofers makes this yamaha center speaker was the perfect choice for us and we were able to place it just  underneath our flat panel television. Though the it sounds really good for the cost, a few reviewers cautioned that if you are planning to use it in a large room you should look to higher end model. The lower cost and big sound of the Yamaha NS-C310BL 2-Way Bass-Reflex Center Channel Speaker make a good choice for you if you have small budget, but you would be better off looking elsewhere if you can spend a bit more money.

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