The Polk Audio Tsi CS20 Center Channel Speaker Buying Guide

Polk Audio TSI CS20 Speaker BlackThe Polk Audio Tsi CS20 Center Channel Speaker (Single, Black) will make the perfect anchor speaker to your home theater sound system. The large two-way speakers inside a fairly large enclosure produces awesome highs and mid lows associated with vocals and instruments. The cabinet is made from MDF which has superior vibration dampening properties. To help add a little class to your sound system, Polk added a sloped front to the cabinet. To help eliminate any possible damage to your television each speaker is fully shielded.

Polk Audio has built a very nice reputation for designing high quality home audio speakers at an affordable price. Each one is created from only the highest quality materials to ensure the best possible sound. CS20 center channel speaker is a great choice to anchor your home audio system. You will be amazed at what you were missing when you hook up one of these beauties to your big screen TV and pop in your favorite movie.

The center channel speaker in any home theater system is designed to enhance the vocal and musical instrument range of the high and low frequencies. No longer will the dialogue get drowned out during an action scene.

The CS20 features two hard driving 6-1/2 inch woofers with a bi-laminate organic fiber cone and a 1-inch Dynamic Balance dome tweeter. All is neatly packaged inside a superior constructed enclosure made out of MDF or Medium Density Fiberboard. This helps to dampen the vibration which could cause excessive distortion.

The front side of the speaker cabinet is sloped to make it easier to fit on a shelf underneath the television. Along with being functional, the slope adds a little bit of class to the overall sound system, instead of just having a plain square box enclosure.


Key Features Polk Audio CS20

  • Large 6-1/2 inch woofer and 1- inch tweeter
  • Full magnetic shielding
  • Heavy duty enclosure construction
  • Functional Sloped front 


  • Crisp and clear highs mid/lows
  • Powerful sound 


  • Rather large enclosure
  • Cheaply made grill cover 

Buyer Opinions

As part of our research of the Polk Audio CS20 Center Channel Speaker (Single, Black) we found more than forty consumer reviews posted online. Which is actually a pretty good indication of how well the speaker was received by consumers. It received an average rating of 4.7 stars out of a possible 5.0 stars.

According to many of the reviewers the highs and lows that pours out of this speaker is second to none at this price point, making it a tremendous value.

The sound is so big coming out of this speaker it would be able to fill just about any size room. This includes the unbelievable voice and musical instrument reproduction. You will feel like you are front and center at the movie theater.

The size of the speaker can be a deal breaker, but in the case of one the reviewers, instead of complaining that it was too big to fit under their TV, they just raised the TV up a bit off the stand and pushed the speaker under it.

In short, the Polk Audio CS20 Center Channel Speaker (Single, Black) is well worth money and you cannot go wrong taking a look at this speaker and compare it to others at its price point like the Yamaha NS-C310BL for instance.

Where to Buy The Polk Audio Tsi CS20

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