The Klipsch RC-52 II Reference Series Center Channel Speaker Review


Klipsch RC 52 II BlackThe Klipsch RC-52 II Reference Series Center Channel Loudspeaker – Black, made by undoubtedly the top manufacturer of home entertainment speakers in the business today. It is all about the sound and this center channel speaker definitely kicks out the sound. The magnificent sound is produced using their proprietary Tractrix horn technology and solid enclosure. They are designed to fit in above or below the television using the adjustable foot to change the angle of the sound.

Chances are if you ask any number of audiophiles to list the top manufacturers of home audio speakers Klipsch will be on all of their list and somewhere near the very top. This is because they have been making home loudspeakers since 1946. They build every speaker with four design principles in mind; 1) high efficiency with low distortion, controlled directivity, flat frequency response and wide dynamic range.

The RC-52 II is part of Klipsch Reference series which is currently in its fifth generation of production. All of the Reference Series speakers feature Klipsch’s Tracktrix horn technology. The sound is much more lifelike, crisp and clear.

Klipsch RC 52 II Price Compare

The center channel speaker of any home theater audio system is arguably the most important speaker. This is because the lion share of the dialog and musical score is heard directly from the center speaker. This makes it paramount that the sound be powerful enough and crisp at the same time. This is especially true when it comes to watching your favorite drama or live concert.

The high energy sound coming from the Klipsch RC-52 is produced from the dual 5.25 inch woofers, which feature a light weight Cerametallic cone. The cones are treated with aluminum to improve dampening and reduce distortion. It also features a single 1 inch titanium horn tweeter.

Rc 52 II Key Features:

  • Proprietary Tracktrix horn technology
  • Magnetically shielded
  • Can be mounted above or below your television
  • Wood grain look on exterior of enclosure 


  • Crisp and clear dialoque
  • Easy to setup
  • Powerful sound
  • Black And Wood Colors 


  • Too large for some spaces
  • Wont Fit under a TV that is on a stand. TV Must be wall mounted or speaker must be on floor stand.
  • Did not fit well with just any system 


During our research for the Klipsch RC-52 Reference Series Center Channel Loudspeakers we discovered 50 or so consumer reviews posted online and nearly everyone rated them five stars out of a possible five stars. That is pretty high praise for middle of road center channel speaker.

Many of the reviewers could not stop talking about the high level of sound quality that the Klipsch RC-52 produced.

By far the clarity of dialogue is mentioned most often by the consumers that posted reviews.

Many people reported an increased audio experience shortly after hooking up the one of these center channel speaker to their current speaker system.

One of the reviewers pointed out that even though they thought that RC-52 really looked great, they also thought that it was a bit too big. They would probably have liked the Polk CS20.

In the end, most of the reviewers did rate them highly, but some did point out that it is rather large and may or may not fit in with your current audio system.


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