The Energy CC-10 Center Channel Speaker Review

Energy CC-10 Center Channel SpeakerThe Energy CC-10 Center Channel Speaker  packs quite punch for such a small package. Delivers high quality lows and highs thanks to several unique technologies only found inside. The enclosure itself is another big feature of this center channel speaker. It features two 5-1/2 inch woofers that deliver powerful lows and a single 1 inch tweeter, to blast out the highs. It would be equally fitting to mount it on your wall just under the big screen or placing it on a shelf above or below the television.

One of the first things you notice when looking underneath the hood of this center channel speaker is that Energy placed the dual woofers and tweeter very close together. This is the opposite of how most speakers are designed. This is done as to tighten the sound before it is dispersed forward toward you.

The two large 5-1/2 inch woofers feature a patented RES suspension system or Ribbed Elliptical Surround suspension. The system allows to hear a far clearer sound with much less distortion over typical woofer designs. The 1-inch tweeter has a unique Hyperbolic aluminum construction that improves the accuracy and power handling capabilities.

The true judge of any center channel speaker is its ability to deliver the highs and mid/lows associated with dialogue and musical instruments. It is the anchor of any home theater system and it puts you and your guests front and center to all of the action.

The final part that wraps up all of good things inside is the solidly built enclosure. It is made from Medium Density Fiberboard that possesses a unique ability to dampen vibrations that can cause serious distortion. The exterior is all black including with an Ash grain veneer and high gloss accents.

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Key Features Energy CC-10 :

  • Large Dual 5-1/2 inch woofers and 1-inch tweeter
  • Unique CSM driver placement system
  • Enclosure made with vibration absorbing Medium Density Fiberboard
  • Soft rubber feet for shelf mounting 


  • Stylish good looks
  • Can be mounted or placed on a shelf
  • Pumps out awesome sound 


  • The wood grain is a bit cheesy looking

Popular Opinions of the CC-10 Speaker ?

We discovered several consumer reviews posted online during our research on this Energy Center Channel Speaker. From the reviews it received an average rating of 4.9 stars out of a possible 5.0 stars.

Many of the reviewers did a lot of comparison shopping with several of the top center channel speakers in this price range and they chose the Energy CC-10 hands down. One of the reviewers really liked how it brought out the voices of their favorite TV show so much that they were actually able to turn the volume lower than they were used to.

While many of the reviewers really liked the stylish wood grain exterior, one or two were not really thrilled with the cheap looking fake wood. In the end, the Energy CC-10 Center Speaker is a decent mid level center channel speaker that delivers great sound at the price point. Another speaker in the same price point is the JBL ES25CBK

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