Take a look at the Klipsch RC-42 II Reference Series Center Speaker

Klipsch rc-42 center speaker in blackThe Klipsch RC-42 II Reference Series Center Channel Loudspeaker – Each (Black) is small in stature, but delivers a powerful performance reminiscent of its more expensive cousins from Klipsch. The Reference Series of loudspeakers represents the middle of line series from Klipsch, which is recognized as one of the top loudspeaker makers in the world today. Like all of the Reference Series speakers it features Klipsch proprietary horn technology called Tractrix Horn technology.

The awesome sound that comes out of the loudspeaker comes from the combination of two 4 inch woofers which feature Klipsch unique ceramic coated aluminum material in the cones which reduces or eliminates the performance robbing distortion. The single tweeter uses technology borrowed from Klipsch’s top of the line speaker series which uses titanium. The result is nothing short of spectacular and it gives the feel of you being right in the middle of the original movie or concert production.

Sometimes smaller is better and the case of the Klipsch RC-42 center channel it just might be the case. It is the smallest of the Reference Series loudspeakers, but it had more than enough power to hold its own when put up against other center channel speakers on the market. Not only does it sound great, the black veneer vinyl exterior has a woodgrain look over top of the mostly solid enclosure material.

For an extra added feature, Klipsch included as an extra bonus, full magnetic shielding to help prevent damage to your TV from the speaker magnets.

Key Features Klipsch RC-42 ii

  • Klipsch proprietary Tractrix Horn technology
  • Dual 4 inch low frequency driver and one high frequency tweeter
  • Compact size
  • Full magnetic shielding


  • Features technology found in higher end loudspeakers
  • Unparalleled clarity and sound reproduction in a speaker its size
  • Small enough to fit under a TV


  • A bit pricey

What are people saying about this Klipsch center speaker?

During our research for the Klipsch RC-42 II Reference Series Center Channel Loudspeaker we found that there were only a small number of reviews posted by consumers online. Despite the small number of reviews we were able to get a real good idea of the overall quality of the RC-42 II center channel speakers. The reviewers gave it mostly four and five star ratings out of a possible five stars and only one gave it a three star. The comments were also mostly complementary as you would imagine.

One of the most commonly mentioned aspect of the RC-42 II center channel speaker was that it has an unbelievable sound quality from such a compact speaker.

It really excels when it comes to separating the speaking parts of movies and television from the loud action so that you can hear everything.

Though it is at the bottom end of the RC line of speakers, it still is kind of pricey as compared to other center channel’s on the market.

In the end, the Klipsch RC-42 II Reference Series Center Channel Loudspeaker – Each (Black) is great sounding center channel speaker and it would be a great addition to your smaller home theater system.

Where is the Best Place to Buy the Klipsch RC-42 II Center Speaker

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