The Sony SS-CN5000 Dual Center Channel Speaker Review

Sony SS-CN5000 Black Center SpeakerThe Sony SS-CN5000 Dual Center Channel Speaker (Each, Black) is a perfect match for Sony’s Bravia line of HDTV’s. Though they represent a lower level center channel speaker it is by no means a terrible speaker. They produce a decent sound that you would expect from a company that has been manufacturing electronics for decades. The sound is produced by a combination of dual 5-1/4 inch H.O.P cone woofers and a single 1 inch Nano Fine balanced dome tweeter.

If you are looking to build a home theater system around your Sony Bravia HDTV then you have come to the right place. The SS-CN5000 Center Channel Speaker from Sony was designed to be paired with your TV. This is accomplished using Sony’s new Bravia matching system.

The center channel speaker in any home audio system was designed to accentuate the mid level bass and high frequencies associated with dialogue and musical instruments in most movies and television shows. This is accomplished by pairing two 5-1/4 inch high output cone drivers and a single 1 inch Nano Fine dome tweeter.  The SS-CN5000 has a maximum input power limit of an amazing 150 watts.

Despite being in the low price range of the center channel speakers available on the market, the SS-CN5000 Dual Center Channel Speaker is a very capable speaker. It will surprise you with its powerful sound and crisp and clean dialogue as soon as you hook it up to your home theater system.

Key Features:

  • Dual 5-1/4 inch drivers and 1 inch dome tweeter
  • Perfect match with the Sony Bravia HDTV’s
  • 150 Watt maximum
  • Economy price tag


  • Decent Sound for the price
  • High Quality Looks, designed to match any Sony Bravia HDTV
  • Solid construction 


  • Weak sound clarity
  • Somewhat hollow sound
  • Oversized

Buzz about the Sony SS-CN5000

As part of our research on the Sony SS-CN5000 Dual Center Channel Speaker we discovered more than 100 consumer reviews posted online. From these reviews it received an average rating of 4.5 stars out of a possible 5.0 stars. Along with ratings each of the reviewers left mostly positive comments.

Many of the reviewers really liked the quality of sound that comes out of these speakers. However, they also seemed to qualify their statement by saying for the price. This is definitely not a high end center channel speaker. Several of the reviewers could not stop praising them for their value, which allowed them to put together a good sounding home theater system on a budget.

The overall size of the  Sony SS-CN5000 speaker is quite large which makes it difficult to place it in your system.

In the end, the  Sony SS-CN5000 Dual Center Channel Speaker (Each, Black) is a decent sounding center channel speaker which will work well in a small or budget system but you can only pack so much punch for a the price point.

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