Overview of the Polk Audio 255c-RT In Wall Center Speaker

polk in wall speaker 255C-RTThe Polk Audio Dual 5.25″ Two-Way Center Channel In-Wall Speaker, though it might be out of sight, but it will definitely will not be out of mind. Who knew something as simple as an audio speaker could be so complex and the designers would use high tech tools to fine tune them. That is definitely the case when it comes to Polk Audio’s approach to this center channel speaker. They used a new technology called Dynamic Balance to create the perfect center channel speaker. By using this tool they were able to combine all of the best materials available and this made it possible to deliver the best sound free of sound quality robbing interference.

The task at hand for the developers at Polk Audio was to make the drivers they put into all of the speakers better at delivering the clearest and best sound possible. So they partnered with a research team from John Hopkins University and developed a new system in which they use laser imaging to inspect the surfaces of each material they use when creating the drivers. This gives them a better understanding on what causes the quality robbing distortions.

The Polk Audio 255C-RT Center Channel In-wall Speaker features a pair of 5.25 inch woofers made with composite polymer cone and rubber surround. It also features a single tweeter with a silk and polymer cone. The drivers are mounted on a flat base so that they can be easily mounted inside a wall or ceiling space. No more figuring out where to stick the center channel speaker with your wall mounted flat screen TV.

Polk In-wall speaker Key Features

  •       In the wall / Ceiling mounting
  •       Dynamic Balancing Technology
  •       Dual Woofer design
  •       Works great with wall mounted HDTV’s


  •        Crisper highs and deeper lows
  •        Easily concealed in wall or ceiling
  •        Improved frequency response


  •        A little on the pricey side

What are people saying about it?

As part of our research on the Polk Audio Dual 5.25″ Two-Way Center Channel In-Wall Speaker – 255c-RT we discovered that there were only handful of consumer reviews posted online. From those reviews it received only four or five star ratings from the people that purchased them. Along with the ratings there were many positive comments.

All of the reviewers were very complimentary of outstanding sound quality produced by this center channel speaker. It fit in perfectly with their whole sound system beautifully.

The in-the-wall mounting or vanishing series as it was referred two was a huge plus of the 255C-RT speaker. One of the reviewers loved how it made it easy for them mount right under their TV on the wall.

There really were no negative comments that we could find, but it was mentioned that they were a bit pricey. However, at the same time someone said that even at the higher price it was a pretty good value.

In the end, the Polk Audio Dual 5.25″ Two-Way Center Channel In-Wall Speaker – 255c-RT is a really capable center channel speaker and you cannot go wrong adding one to your home audio system. We would highly recommend it!

Pricing and Buying options for the Polk 255c-RT and bigger brother 255c-ls


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