Opinions on the Polk Audio TL3 Center Channel Speaker

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The Polk Audio TL3 Black Center Channel Speaker proves that big sound can come from the smallest packages. In the compact home theater system arena few can match the superb performance that Polk Audio has put together in this center channel speaker. Whether it is the unique Ring Radiator Tweeter or the patented PowerPort Bass Venting, you will not find a more advanced speaker at its price point. The center channel speaker is the single most important part of any home audio system and this is because it delivers the crisp dialogue and highs of musical instruments everything you watch.

When it comes to filling a any room with the sound of an action flick or the cool velvet tones of your favorite concert or videos, nothing can compare to a well tuned center channel speaker. Polk audio has put together one very technologically advanced speaker  that is sure to enhance anyone’s home audio system.

As with any speaker the quality of sound produced is directly related to the quality of the materials that go into making the speaker. Polk Audio has built a great reputation for designing high quality speakers at an affordable price point. The TL3 center channel speaker for example was designed and built to last with features like a Ring Radiator Tweeter, which helps to deliver the crisp clear highs like no other. Click here to read more customer reviews of the tl3.

The patented PowerPort Bass Venting system claims to blast out the mid and lows that are sure to really make your heart pound. Don’t let its small and compact size fool you, the 3-1/4 inch woofer with its polypropylene cone pours out the mid and low frequencies like no other compact speaker can. But is it enough?

The definite advantage to choosing a compact style home audio system like the TL3 from Polk Audio is that you don’t have to figure out how you are going to arrange them in your room. The TL3 center channel speaker comes with a slotted mounting system built in so you can simply hang it on any wall without needing any special brackets of reinforcements.

Where you can find the Best Price to Buy the Polk Audio TL3 Online

Polk Audio TL3 Features:

  • Lightweight and compact size
  • Patented sound technology
  • Built in mounting system
  • Steel reinforced enclosure

The Good:

  • High quality sound separation
  • Low profile design
  • Great value 

The Bad:

  • Doesn’t deliver on the bass
  • Cheap plastic  

Bottom Line on the TL3

We discovered a handful of consumer center channel speaker reviews posted online for the Polk Audio TL3 Black Center Channel Speaker. From these reviews it actually received mostly five stars out of five stars.

The reviewers really loved the compact size of this speaker and at the same time the sound reminded them of a much higher end speaker.

The fact that these speakers are extremely lightweight makes it easy to hang these just about anywhere. That means you will not need purchase any extra mounting hardware, just use the slotted hanger built into the back.

Though the high quality sound was mentioned by many of the reviewers, but a few really were disappointed by the bass. They really felt that they should have looked elsewhere.

At the end of the day, the Polk Audio TL3 Black Center Channel Speaker is a decent compact center channel speaker, but it has its limit. So with that in mind, if you are looking for high end sound from a compact speaker you should consider looking somewhere else like the Polk CS20 or Klipsch Speakers.

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