Definitive Technology ProCenter 1000 Review

Definitive ProCenter 1000 Black

The Definitive Technology ProCenter 1000 Compact Center Speaker will bring out the true voice in your home theater system. The center channel speaker is one of the most important parts of the sound system and this is because it delivers the dialog and musical instruments from the movies you are watching. Size does matter and the diminutive size of this center channel speaker will amaze you. The secret to its superior sound is in the side mounted mid/bass radiators. They are coupled to the upper bass/midrange drivers to deliver the purest and richest sound possible.

When it comes to home theater sound system having the right speaker combinations is very important. The center channel speaker is by far the most important and therefore it deserves your utmost attention. It is said that 75% of any movies soundtrack comes directly through the center channel speaker; this includes the dialog and musical instruments.

The ProCenter 1000 speaker packs quiet a punch in a very diminutive package. With Definitive Technology’s exclusive BDSS driver technology your ears are treated to the purest upper bass and midrange sound you can imagine. The dual 4-1/2” drivers pressure couple to dual 4-1/2” bass/midrange radiators, which are neatly mounted on each end.  It also features a 1” aluminum domed tweeter for crisp high end.

The advantage to being small is immediately noticed when it comes to figuring out where you are going put the ProCenter 1000 speaker. You can set it on a shelf and use the adjustable foot that is built in to set the correct angle of the sound coming out. If you prefer to wall mount it, you can purchase a couple of optional mounts. The small size is helpful in placing it directly in front of the TV without blocking the picture.

The ProCenter 1000 from Definitive Technology delivers the one of the sweetest sounds you will ever hear from a center channel speaker at the middle of the road price point. You will be hard pressed to find a center channel speaker with this much response and great sounding upper bass and midrange sound at this low price.

Real Time Price Comparison Data for the Pro Center 1000

Key Features:

  • Power rating – 10-200 watts
  • Shelf or wall mounting (mounting hardware is optional)
  • Unique Dual Bass/Midrange Radiators to enhance the sound quality
  • Comes in either high gloss black or high gloss white


  • Compact size – fits well under your TV
  • Wall mounts are available
  • Radiators add to the sound quality
  • Blends in with Decor (choice of black or white speaker)


  • Sound quality is a bit disappointing for some
  • A bit too compact for some people


What are people saying about the Definitive Technology ProCenter 1000 online?

According to consumer center channel speaker reviews we found posted online for the Definitive Technology Procenter 1000 Compact Center Speakers is well liked by its users and is a  ”really good speaker”. The majority of the reviewers on gave it four or five stars.

Many of the reviewers really liked the quality of the sound and that they were a great addition to their home audio system. However, not everyone was as thrilled with overall sound quality and found it disappointing.

The compact size was mentioned over and over again as a huge plus and that being able to fit it neatly underneath the TV is  a huge benefit especially for people with smaller rooms or shorter TV stands.

One of the reviewers thought that even though they really loved the sound and thought that the side mounted radiators really enhanced the sound quality, the overall size was just too small to create a huge sound.

In the end this speaker is perfect for its intended purpose which is to save space while preserving sound quality as much as possible. Despite having a very high overall rating by many of reviewers, a couple of the negatives could be a reason to consider another brand or the larger ProCenter 2000.

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